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Product Information

 9/28/2011DLP LightCommander Development Kit Product BriefProduct Information19841984pdf Rev B .pdf288 Kb-15

Product Change Notification

 10/11/2012DLP LightCommander Development Kit End of Life NotificationProduct Change Notification19831983pdf Rev A .pdf28 Kb-11
 6/7/2011DLP LightCommander Development Kit ErrataProduct Change Notification19851985pdf Note .pdf83 Kb05

Hardware Documents

 4/15/2010DLP Controller Board Hardware SpecificationHardware Documents19861986pdf Rev 1 .pdf573 Kb-14
 4/15/2010DLP DMD Board Hardware SpecificationHardware Documents19871987pdf Rev 1 .pdf367 Kb-16

Hardware Design Files

 4/19/2010DLP Controller Board BOM, Schematic, and LayoutHardware Design Files19881988zip Note .zip1.7 Mb02
 4/19/2010DLP DMD Board BOM, Schematic, and LayoutHardware Design Files19891989zip Note .zip289 Kb05
 8/4/2010DLP LightCommander SolidWorks 3-D ModelHardware Design Files19901990zip Rev A .zip85.9 Mb08
 2/8/2011Core Optical Module Interface Control DrawingHardware Design Files19911991pdf Rev A .pdf66 Kb-19

User Manuals

 4/15/2010DLP LightCommander QuickStart GuideUser Manuals19921992pdf Rev A .pdf718 Kb-11
 12/13/2011DLP LightCommander Development Kit User ManualUser Manuals19931993pdf Rev B .pdf1.1 Mb-13
 8/25/2011DLP LightCommander Software User ManualUser Manuals19961996pdf Rev A .pdf2.4 Mb-15

Software Development Tools

 9/13/2011DLP LightCommander Control SoftwareSoftware Development Tools19991999zip Note .zip14.6 Mb01
 9/23/2011DLP LightCommander Control Software Release NotesSoftware Development Tools20042004txt Note .txt3 Kb-15
 8/5/2013DLPC200 Configuration and Support Firmware (TI link)Software Development Tools20062006 link  0 bytes-19